… what or whom are we related to?

The soil of your heart

The soil of your heart is all that

The soil of your heart

The sower

The soil of your heart

The divine sower
Goes out to sow the Word

And the seed falls
On the soil of your heart

The road, the rocks, the thorns
And good soil

The birds steal the seed on the road
The rocks do not feed it
The thorns choke it
The good soil however
Produces a crop
hundred, sixty or thirty times the sown

The message of the kingdom
Is the seed

When you do not understand
The message is stolen

When you do not feed it
It dies and will not resist
For it has no roots, nor growth

When worry or wealth
choke the Word
It remains unfruitful

When you understand
The Word roots
Grows and bears fruit

And the crop of your heart will be accordingly
Yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times the sown

The soul of your heart IS the road, the rock, the torns, the good soil…

“Blessed those who hear and understand”

Reference : matthew 13. The parable of the Sower

” May your heart become soft
 . Hear with you ears
 .   See with your eyes
  .   Understand with your heart
 . Turn to Me and I will heal you.”



Be Holy for I am Holy


May the road rise to meet you


  1. Maria

    Oh the hardness of our hearts
    The blindness of our souls

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