Seek and you shall find
Knock and you shall be opened
Ask and you shall be given

In Their humble quest

People seek and find
Knock and enter
Ask and receive

Some testimonials
Turn people upside down

Conversion is in our heart
Finding Truth
Sets us free

Conversion is not to a religion
It is Turning to the Living God


Testimonials from all over the world
Newborns who dare to share their path of conversion

The ISIS fighter converting to Jesus

Mother and daughter, touched by grace

Koran brought him to Christ

Testimony of Mohammad from Lebanon

An Indian teacher becomes christian

Final prayer

 They say you are The Lord in the flesh
 The incarnation of God
 Crucified for our sins
 Resurrected out of the dead

Have mercy upon us, upon our souls
 Have mercy

Reveal Thy Name to me, to us
 And give us faith