El Elyon
God Most High

epithet of God in the Bible

in English “God Most High”
in the Septuagent “God the highest”


Melchizedek king of Salem
Priest of Ēl ʿElyōn

“God on High”

ancient god of Salem

When ‘Elyōn’ divided the nations
he separated the sons of Ādām
Setting the bounds of the masses
according to the number of the ‘angels of God’

Elyōn separated mankind into 70 nations
according to his 70 sons (mentioned in the Ugaritic texts)
The tutelary god over one of the 70 nations
being Yahweh

“And they remembered that ‘elōhīm’ was their rock
and ‘ēl elyōn’ their redeemer”
Psalms 78:35

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