Sons of thunder ?

James and John
Sons of Zebedee, the fisherman
Nicknamed boanerges

Sons of thunder

Jesus knew all men
No need of testimony by others
He knew what was in them

Booing bulls

He doesn’t praise the sons of Zebedee
He calls them Boanerges
Busy lowing

Acting like oxen

When a village refuses hospitality
James and John invoke
The fire of heaven upon them

A destructive lightening party
Stopped by Jesus

And their mother?
A pushy Lady
Wanting her sons up the scale

And she aside
Of course

Thunder without lightening
Might be the right translation
Woos and boos without cause

Far from divine Light

A great translation of boanerges
In French would be
“Bons à rien”

This being said…

James became martyr
Author of the first epistles
And John, the beloved

They saw the Lightening!

In the Chinese I Ching
 The thunder means C H A N G E

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