... what or whom are we related to?

Are you the only one?

Are you the only one?

Are you the only one?

Today, i came to undestand
For the first time
The parable of the 10 blinds

All came to The Lord
Asking to recover sight

And asked to go to the waters
And cleanse their eyes
Merely one came back to thank Him

And yet they all recovered sight

And Just one came back
Saw and followed Him

Are you the only one? 

We all dwell
Like the 9 blind ones
Far From the Lord

And even with open eyes
Seeing His evidence
We ignore Him

And those who do not
Can only prosternate
And adore

For they do not seek sight
They seek the Lord



Alta trinita beata – An ancient hymn


Help thy self … so helpst Thou Lord


  1. deep chirag

    “10 has another significance …. it refers to the five sense organs, the coordinator – mind, the discerner – intellect , the identifier – ego, and the observer or witness chit and purusa ( soul and consciousness) …amazing grace ….. i was blind and now can see

    My interpretation of your parable then is ….. most people want to see God with all their senses. of all the 10 senses only one can ‘see’ ….. soul. So faith has to be soul deep ….” -Deep Chirag

  2. What a beautiful interpretation. It would be worth to develop each of the ten ones. And it would soon become the ten chapters of an awesome book, which i hope you will write.

    My humble namaan.

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