Alta trinità beata

Lauda fiorentina del XV sec – Autore anonimo

Alta trinita beata

Alta trinità beata
Da noi sempre adorata

Alta trinita beata

Trinità gloriosa
Unita maravigliosa

Alta trinita beata

Tu sei manna saporosa
e tutta desiderosa.

Translations from Italian

Alta = High
Trinità = Trinity, Holy Trinity, Blessed Trinity, Sacred Trinity
Beata = blessed, beatitude
Da noi = by us
Sempre = ever, always
Adorata = adored, worshipped

Gloriosa = glorious
Unita = Unity
maravigliosa = marvellous

Tu sei = you are
Manna = manna
Saporosa = delicious, nice , tasty, tasteful , delightful
E = all, both, is
tutta = all
Desiderosa = desired

Most High Trinity
By us always adored

Glorious Trinity
Marvelous unity

Delightfull Mannah
By us all desired

© mlaure

Some translations in other languages

The first time i heard this beautiful hymn
my heart filled with adoration
and my eyes with tears
for the beauty of the song.
Its simplicity, its depht.

Beautiful performances around the globe

(starts at 1:10) International Chamber Choir of JM Slovenia 

CANTUS ANTE OMNIA – Bozicni koncert u Vukovaru 2008

Cantori delle Pievi e Aemilia Felix Consort

A testimony

Long ago, i wondered about the feast of our heavenly Father, Creator of all Being. We have so many feasts, but when is His Day?

It is on the feast of the Holy Trinity, on fathers day. For that is His Glory and it is fulfilled.

Alta Trinita Beata

So hard to translate and even harder to understand, lest explain. If we saw the love in Creation, our hearts would cease to beat for it is full of His Glory, the marvel of His Beauty. His Patience, Mercy and eternal compassion.

Oh My Father
Our Father
I adore you

So kind
So gentle
So mercyful


O Creator
Of all being
Thy glory transcends in all

And all Creation
Resplendent of Thy Beauty
Refers to Thee

Alta trinità beata 

Most exalted Trinity
Unity adorable
Glorious Trinity
By all exalted
Manna Delightful
By all desired

© mlaure