long ago 
as a child 
i wondered about the meaning of faith 

asking our neigbour 
a girl a few years older 
she answered 

it is like believing in miracles 

- like what? 

like diving into a swimming pool 
without water 
and come out unharmed! 

the next week 
the swimming pool was empty 
and a little voice said 

you have no faith! 

and i dived into the empty pool 
banged on my head 
all blood 

And yet i came out 

faith is different 
i thought 
it has nothing to do with miracles 

My head was stiched 
It hurted for many more years 

When my daddy asked
Why did you dive?
I simply said
Because of faith

The begin of a long quest... 

The little voice did not come from God, of course
He does not asks us to jump into empty pools 
but He surely protected me, who jumped out of love

Be careful with what or whom you believe 
Faith has nothing to do with jumping into empty pools 
and is not only about miracles 

You raise me up to all that i can be