Bet on eternity!

There was this famous scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal.
Pascal being his surname.

At a young age he manifested a mathematical genius.
His writings are of utmost clarity and a delight for the rational mind.
( which we are)

At that time the godproof was common between scholars.
It reduces to this equation
(With defenders on both sides):

The evidence of God’s existence = the non-evidence of God’s existence
The Difference between both = faith (in  the Most High) 

Faith being for some a postulate, for others hypothetic questions
and for most an unknown parameter.

When it comes to Blaise Pascal, his godsproof was very simple.
If you count numbers positive or negative you never end.
It was his proof of eternity.
… -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 …

So, numbers brought him to faith.

He tried to convince his friends by saying:

” bet on eternity live a live to the highest moral standards…
If eternity is true, you gained eternity,
if it is not true you gained humanity”

His Bet on eternity = a bet for Humanity.

Eternity and Humanity upon us all!